Gift wrap

Would you like some wrapping paper 
for your presents?

The gift wrap service is only £0.5 or £1, depending on the paper. Please note that this fee is non refundable.

You will see the Gift wrap option on each listing on
eBay customers: please contact me.

When choosing a gift wrap option on, please add a note to your order, or contact me by email, to inform me about the reference of your chosen paper. 
In case you do not add any note and do not send me any email, I will choose a wrapping paper for you. 

Please note that some papers may show some folding marks. This happens when separate sheets of paper have been bought online. I will do my best to hide the marks when wrapping the item.


No more Easter paper at the moment. Sorry about that.

Paris style gift wrap coming back very soon!

Christmas papers now available:

Please choose between these available papers, 
and don't forget to inform me of your choice.
Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Christmas papers for adults

Ref: C1

Ref: C2

Ref: C3

Looks a bit grey on the picture, but is white and glittery.

Ref: C4

Ref: C5

Background is golden.

Ref: C6

Ref: C7

Christmas papers for everybody

Ref: C8

Ref: C9

Ref: C10
Enough stock left for 2 small parcels.

Ref: C11

Ref: C12
Background looks black on the picture but is silver.

Christmas papers for children

Ref: C13

Ref: C14

Ref: C15

Ref: C16

Birthday papers

Ref: B1

Ref: B2

Ref: B3

Miscellaneous papers

Ref: M1
Enough stock left for 2 small parcels.

Ref: M3

Ref: M4
Paper is light brown. 

Ref: M5