Gift wrap

Would you like some gift wrap?

Your item will be wrapped and placed with its gift wrap inside the packaging.

IMPORTANT: International customers, please be aware of the fact that the customs authorities of your country have the right to open the packaging, and remove the gift wrap to check the content of your parcel.

- The gift wrap service is free on Etsy, and if proposed only for small items.
- The gift wrap service is free for most items on However, there is a fee of £1 for large or fragile items*. Please note that this fee is non-refundable.
- eBay customers: please contact us.

* Fragile items require a lot of protection (bubble wrap and polystyrene peanuts), and in case you ask for some gift wrap, the item will be placed in an internal parcel. In consequence, the packaging will be larger.

When choosing a gift wrap option on, please add a note to your order, or contact us, to inform us of the reference code of your chosen paper. In case you do not inform us of the reference code of your chosen paper, we will choose a wrapping paper for you. 

Most papers come from a roll and do not show any folding marks. 

No more Easter paper at the moment
Soon in stock again!

Dark green: high level of stock. 4 or more metres left.
Light green: between 4 and 3 metres left
Yellow: between 3 and 1.5 metres left
Orange: low level of stock. Between 1.5 and 1 metre left
Red: very low level of stock. 1 metre or less left

Featured paper

Folded sheet of wrapping paper. 
You can see the folds on the photograph, and
they will most likely be visible on your parcel.

Birthday papers

Birthday papers for adults

Ref: B1

Ref: B2

Very little left. 

Ref: B3

Ref: B4

Ref: B5 

Birthday papers for children

Ref: B6

Ref: B7

Ref: B8


Ref: F1

Ref: F2

 Ref: F3

 Ref: F4

Miscellaneous papers
(For adults or children)

Ref: M1
Enough stock left for 2 small parcels.

Ref: M2

Ref: M3

Ref: M4
Paper is light brown. 

Ref: M5

Ref: M6

Ref: M7


Christmas papers for adults

Ref: C1

Ref: C2

Looks a bit grey on the picture, but is white and glittery.

Ref: C3

Ref: C4

Background is golden.

Ref: C5

Ref: C6

Christmas papers for everybody

Ref: C7

Ref: C8

Ref: C9

Ref: C10
Enough stock left for 2 small parcels.

Ref: C11

Ref: C12
Background looks black on the picture but is silver.

Christmas papers for children

Ref: C13

Ref: C14

Ref: C15

Ref: C16