eBay or not eBay?

I opened an eBay account for Retrofanattic in 2011 but didn't use it much at the time, because the username "retrofanattic" had been taken by another seller, which forced me to choose another name. It was close to the name, but not quite the same... Nevertheless I did some good sales with this account, and then forgot about it when I opened my account on Etsy. 

I will never know what happened to the other seller, hopefully nothing serious, but one day I checked once again if the name "retrofanattic" was available on eBay, just in case, and found out that it was! I then changed my username on my account, and started selling again on this great platform last month, in June 2017. 

What I love about eBay is the possibility to sell items by auction, and the fact that customers can very easily make an offer on a "Buy it Now" item by just clicking a button. You can even choose to sell an item by auction and Buy it Now.

I am using eBay's Global Shipping Program for customers based outside the UK, and this is great and very convenient. 

It will take me a bit of time to fill the eBay shop once again with great items, for the moment there aren't many items for sale on it, but I have already had some customers and received my first new feedbacks.

So, I hope to see you soon on my eBay shop too, and please feel free to contact me anytime if you need more information about an item, or if you are looking for something which is not online. I may already have what you are looking for, and if not, I will do my utmost to find it for you.

Retrofanattic, 13th July 2017