Grand Opening

5th June 2017

Retrofanattic's new online shop 
is opening on 12th June 2017.
(Retrofanattic is also selling on eBay)

After having sold for nearly four years on Etsy, and enjoyed it very much, I decided in May 2017 to move Retrofanattic to its own online shop. 

I had two shops on Etsy: Retrofanattic, and Vintage Paris. The first shop was selling vintage items, including books, from all countries and all decades, and the second one was specialized in vintage items from, and about,  Paris. 

I decided to group the two shops together, so on the new shop, you will find a special category for Vintage Paris products.

I already owned the domain, as this blog was originally hosted under that domain. As it is certainly more adapted to host a shop under a "com" rather than another domain, the "com" had to be transferred to the shop, while this blog had to be hosted under a new "" domain. That was my very first job.

Second, I had to build the shop itself, make it look great and easy to browse, and then transfer all the items (photos, descriptions and all other details) from Etsy. All this took me quite a few days of hard and dynamic work!

I knew from the beginning that it would take some time to move, so I thought the best would be to open in June 2017. While I was working on the transfer of my items, I chose to disable the checkout but to keep showing my products, instead of putting the whole shop on "construction" mode. This option gave buyers the possibility to make an order and receive a Paypal invoice while the shop was still under construction.

I have also transferred my Terms and Conditions, and adapted them to the needs of an independent shop. Please also read the privacy policy, as I take your privacy and security very seriously.

Are you totally new to online shopping? No worry, you will find on the page called "About" a complete users' guide on how to buy from my shop. Please feel free to contact me if you have other questions.

To reassure my new customers, who do not know Retrofanattic yet, that they can buy with total confidence from my shop, and that they can always expect a great customer service, I have copied on this blog the feedbacks I have received from some of my Etsy customers. 

New feedbacks, from the online shop but also from the eBay account, will be added to this Reviews page in the future. 

If you wish to send me a feedback, you can use the feedback form that I have placed in the shop.

If you need more information, about the shop or about an item, you can use the contact page, either on this blog or on the shop. 

Please do not forget to use the available coupon codes when you purchase from my shop! They are shown here.

My Instagram gallery is integrated to the shop, and you will find in the section "Shop links" the links to my social accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,  Instagram, Google + and YouTube.

Please follow Retrofanattic!

And see you very soon, on the 12th June 2017 for the Grand Opening!