1970s Apollo design curtains.


"Apollo" pattern as it was called in those days was very popular and you could also find assorted wallpaper. You can still find the wallpaper in shops that are specialized in 1970s wallpapers, but these curtains are rare! I have never seen them elsewhere. 

They are in very good condition but they need a clean and a good ironing. There are a few white traces on the inside of one curtain (the part you do not see when the curtains are closed, let's call it side B), of what seems to be plaster. I do not know if this is actually plaster and if these traces would disappear when the curtain is washed, but as I said above, they are on the side you do not see, and are invisible on the other side (the side you see = side A)

The other curtain also has a few small traces, and a light trace of black dirt, but although these traces are on side A, they are difficult to see. Side A of this curtain also has an imperfection in the printing, where you see a little bit of white which should be coloured. 

---> Please note that the curtain hook tape has been sewn in the length of the curtains, and not the width, which means the curtains are short but wide (please see last pic for diagram). You may need to sew new curtain tapes to have long and narrow curtains.

Each curtain has nine hooks sewn on its tape.

Dimensions of each curtain : 233 cm  x  137 cm  =  91.73"  x  53.93"

These curtains are made from a synthetic fabric which looks like crimplene (but I am not sure it is). I don't suppose you have the intention to bring a candle, a cigarette or a lighter near these curtains, but please allow me to warn you that crimplene can catch fire very easily if you touch the fabric with a flame.

Soft iron recommended. 

It might be better not to place these curtains in direct sunlight. Not that they are going to catch fire, of course (unless you use a magnifying glass), but their colours might fade after a few years. 

Please click on these pictures to enlarge them.

Curtain 1 has a small white trace on side A

Some light black traces on curtains 1 (on side A)

The printing of the colours is not perfect on curtain 1 (Side A)

 Two tiny white spots on curtain 1 (side A)

Large white traces on curtain 2 (but only on side B)

Reference of the item : AM(NT)-FR-002

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