Vintage 1972 Cluedo

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I suggest that the murder was committed in the kitchen by Col. Mustard with... We all love to play Cluedo! Will you be Miss Scarlett and start the game first? 

This is the 1972 edition of the 1965 version of the famous and fun game Cluedo. It is complete and in very good condition, apart from some signs of age on the box. 

The back of the box is a bit more yellow 
than shown on the photo below.

The game is composed of a board, a dice and its pot, 6 cards for the characters, 1 envelope for the murder cards, 9 cards for the rooms, 6 cards for the weapons, the rules, colour plastic tokens, plastic weapons, and 34 detective notes sheets. 16 of these sheets come from this game, and 18 (including some which are still attached) come from another 1972 Cluedo game that I can not propose to you because it is not complete. All pieces and cards are in very good condition, except the rope which shows some signs of age at one end. The board is in excellent condition.

Dimensions of the game : 50.5 cm  x  28 cm   = 19.88"  x  11.02"