Beautiful Art Deco dressing table set

This beautiful Art Deco dressing table set is composed of a tray, a pot with its lid, a small dish and two candle holders. It is in very good condition, with a few tiny air bubbles and manufacturing defects in the glass. 

The tray measures 31 cm  x  21 cm  (12.20"  x  8.26")

The pot and lid measure 13.4 cm diameter and 13 cm high  
(5.27"  x  5.11")

The candle holders measure 8.3 cm diameter and 9 cm high  
(3.26"  x  3.54")

The small dish measures 7.2 cm diameter and 2 cm high  
(2.83"  x  0.78")

The whole set weighs 2269 g  =  5 lb