The Complete Home Handywoman.

Who said women could not do any DIY ? Nobody of course. However, this was not so obvious in the seventies or eighties, and women, in those days, often had to prove that, in addition to home decorating, they could do as well as men in activities like painting, electricity, plumbing, flooring, upholstery, insulating, etc.

This book was initially published for women who wanted an easy to use and comprehensive DIY, home decorating and home maintenance guide. 

Everybody can use this guide and become a successful handywoman or handyman. It is full of colour and black and white photographs (showing what is now vintage home decoration, or illustrating an explanation on how to do something), also it has many drawings and plans, tables and charts...

This is the 1981 edition, and it is in excellent condition. It just has a few traces of dirt on the front and back covers. I opened it and smelled the pages, and I thought there was a very, very light smell of tobacco inside.

The Complete Home Handywoman. Planning your Home. Decorating. Furnishing. Restoration. Home maintenance. 
Edited by Dawn Marsden and Alan Morgan. Cathay Books, 1981. Hardback Printed in Hong Kong.
256 pages, including a glossary and an index at the end of the book.

Dimensions : 30;5 cm  x  22.5 cm  =  12"  x  8.85"

Weight (without protection and packaging) = 1160 g / 2.55 lb

Reference of the item : CS(120)-BM-276