Magpie Annual1973


You certainly remember Magpie, the popular ITV programme for children, which started on 30th July 1968 and ended on 6th June 1980. 

Magpie annuals are now collectable, and here is the 1973 annual, published in 1972, with presenters Susan Stranks (Sue), Douglas Rae (Doug) and Tony Bastable (Tony).

Although the book's cover is not in perfect condition and the book itself smells a bit the cave, I love it. The content is incredibly interesting. 

You, or your children, or somebody else's children, will have the pleasure to read an article about the American Space Shuttle, which was in preparation at the time, where the author describes (imagines, in fact...) the sensations at the moment of ignition, and explains how the shuttle will work and what it will do. 

"Simple as Blinking" explains the complicated process photo films go through when being developped. 

You will also read an excellent article about Dr Livingstone, the great explorer in Africa.

"When is a ship not a Ship" talks about those famous old ships used (at the time of the article) for other purposes than ships : chapel, hotel, university, night club, even prison ! Let's point out that there is a beautiful black and white picture of the Cutty Sark in this article.  

"Alphabets" will teach you all, or nearly all, about the history of writing and the different alphabets. 

And many, many more articles, shortstories, a bit of DIY, a bit of fashion too, and games. 

Magpie, behind the scenes :

Apart from the front and back covers which show signs of age, and as I said the light smell of cave, the book is in very good condition. Overall condition : good.

Dimensions : 20 cm  x  27.2 cm / 7.87"  x  10.70"

Weight (without protection and packaging) : 375 g  =  0.82 lb

Magpie Annual 1973, published in 1972 by World Distributors Ltd. Printed and bound in The Netherland.

Reference of the item : CS(NT)-BM-214

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