Hornsea Heirloom brown coffee pot. In excellent condition and dated.

This very beautiful Hornsea Heirloom coffee pot, created by designer John Clappison (Bronte, Heirloom and Saffron), is now harder to find, as it was discontinued in 1987, like the rest of the range, which first started in 1967.  Even brown Heirloom coffee pots, which was the most common colour (blue being the rarest) are not so commun now. It is in excellent condition, I would even say "as new". No chips, no cracks, no craze ! It is dated 1976 on the bottom.

It can contain up to 1400 ml (1.4 l) of coffee, or tea.

 The photo below has been taken with a flash.

Dimensions coming very soon  :-)

Weight of this coffee pot (without protection and packaging) = 890 g = 1.96 lb


Reference of the item : AU(16)-342-CC-021 B