1960s/beg 1970s Crimplene brown striped dress

Sorry, this dress is sold.

Forget about your iron ! This 1960s/beg 1970s dress is made of a non-crease synthetic fabric : Crimplene, a form of Polyester developped by the ICI Fibre Laboratory.

"Wash and Wear", as they said in those days, all year long !

This dress in in very good vintage condition, but the two original buttons on the waist are missing. This is why I will send you a free pair of vintage buttons (see at the end of the article).

The washing label showing "4" obviously refers to the temperature, and it certainly means "synthetic fabrics" as "1" and "2" are usually used for cotton. I suggest that this dress should be washed in a low temperature, not more than 30°, or even cold temperature.

Inside of the dress.

The photos below were taken with a flash.100_2976 

A few bits of fluff here and there. (Photo taken with a flash)

Dimensions :
(Important : dimensions of the waist, and of the "armpit to armpit" are not expressed in circumference, but have been measured between two points A and B when the dress was laying flat. )

Armpit to Armpit : 49 cm = 19.29 in

Length from the top of collar (front) to the hem : 

92.5 cm = 36.41 in

Waist: 40 cm = 15.74 in

Shoulder to shoulder: 39 cm = 15.35 in

Weight of this dress : 395 g = 0.87 lb

Please choose between those two sorts of vintage plastic buttons, and inform me of your choice when ordering the dress.

Buttons A

Buttons B

This item is now for sale on Etsy.

Here is a nice vintage advert for Crimplene :

Ties were also made with Crimplene