Great vintage end of 1960s/1970s sunglasses.


It is never too early to think of the next summer ! Here is a typical end of 1960s/1970s pair of funky sunglasses that will protect your eyes from sunlight.

It is entirely made of plastic, lenses included. Plastic is unbreakable, but the lenses are lightly scratched, as it is often the case with plastic. However, it does not affect the view when you wear them.

The lenses are completely integrated in the frame, and are not held with tiny screws, so no risk to lose them. The level of protection is not indicated on the frame as it would be nowadays, but as the top part of the glass is darker than the lower part, we can say that the level of protection is not very high. The world around you becomes a bit brown and the indoor yellow lightbulb become a bit orange when you wear them. 


Weight of the item : 30 g  =  0.066 lb


Reference of the item : AC(83)-AC-005


This item is now for sale on Etsy.