Great vintage 1970s sunglasses.

Here is a great pair of  vintage 1970s sunglasses. Made in Italy. Low protection.

As the previous ones I put online, it is entirely made of plastic, lenses included. The frame is orange/light brown and transparent.

Plastic is unbreakable, but the lenses are lightly scratched, as it is often the case with plastic.

Scratches are very small on the left lense, two larger scratches on the right one (you can see these two scratches on the first photograph). However, it does not affect the view when you wear them.

The level of protection is not indicated on the glasses, but it seems rather low so please do not wear them in extreme conditions of sun.

The arms open quite widely when you open them to the maximum possibility.


Weight of this item : 15 g = 0.033 lb


Reference of the item : AC(83)-AC-004



This item is now for sale on Etsy.