Rare Italian Gassano coffee pot.


This small enamel coffee pot comes from the Italian town of Gassano, and is rare. Place it on your stove and it will make a real and delicious Italian coffee  :-)

It is very hard to find a vintage enamel coffee pot from Gassano. This red one is in good condition for its age. It just has a tiny chip at the bottom (see second photo), the lid's handle looks a bit old, with a few chips and damages (see close-ups), and there are some light black traces of burnt around the spout (as if a burning match had licked the metal), which I tried to photograph but they are hardly visible on the photo due to the reflexion of the light (see last photo). Some yellow traces inside, that can be washed with hot bleach (leave the bleach for a few minutes inside and rince thoroughly).

It was probably made around the 1940s/1950s.

This pot is small, but it has a great capacity : you can boil up to half a litre with it !

Dimensions of this pot :

Weight (without protection and box)  : 270 g  = 0.59 lb. 

Reference of the item : EA(NT)-K-057