1970s West German Emsa salt and pepper set

It is very convenient that in Germany salt is called "salz" and pepper is called "pfeffer", so we can have the traditional P and S on the top of the pops, I mean, the top of the pots !  ;-)

You will love these mid century Emsa West German salt and pepper shakers. Their originality also comes from the fact that they do not have stoppers but the lid can be unscrewed, which makes the filling very easy. These shakers were made in the 1970s, and come without the little basket they were usually sold with.

The photo below has been taken with a flash.

Height of each pot : 9.5 cm  =  3.74 in

Weight of the two pots (without protection and box) :  85 g  = 0.18 lb

Capacity of each pot : 60 g  =  0.13 lb  approx.


Reference of the item : EA(NT)-SP-006


There is a tiny defect in the plastic of each lid. See last photo.


This item is now for sale on Etsy  :-)