If you are in a hurry but still want a good meal.

Yum yum ! Fantastic 1971 cookbook proposing meals that you can cook in 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 45 minutes.

The book is in very good condition, except for a problem on page 59/60 : the bottom of the page is not attached to the book anymore. The top of the page is alright. The bottom left corner is also a bit damaged. See photos below.


Illustrations are in black and white with many colour pictures.

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The chapters of the book are :

- 15 Minutes Meals

- 30 Minutes Meals

- 45 Minutes Meals

- Pressure Cookery

- Make Now - Eat Later 

- Desserts

- Cakes and Cookies

- Index


Here is the damage on page 59/60. Only visible when you lift or turn the page.

Dimensions : 24 cm = 9.44 in   x  26.7 cm = 10.51"

Weight of the book itself : 440 g = 0.97 lb

Hardback, 92 pages + index.

Reference of the item : CS(NT)-BM-170