Foldable vintage Tartan suitcase. 1960s Mod culture.

Here is a great vintage Tartan suitcase typical of the Mod culture of the 1960s. In good condition with a few defects.

This suitcase can be folded flat as you can see on the first picture. It can be used as a great accessory strapped to the back of any series 1 Lambretta, Series 2 Lambretta, or Vespa. It can also be used as a light suitcase for any occasion.

It is in good condition, but with a few defects. The zip works well. There is a little bit of rust on the metal pieces holding the handle, but it is hardly visible. Some of the cardboard pieces inside that hold the suitcase open are broken. See photo below.

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Weight of this suitcase : 890 g = 1.96 lb

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