Vintage set of six glasses in a metal basket.

Here is a very nice basket containing six little glasses that can be used for Italian coffee, Moroccan mint tea, aperitif or any drink you like. It is rare and in very good condition. Made in France in the 1950s / 1960s.

The basket is made of brass metal, with a white and red plastic laced handle. The feet are covered with plastic to protect your furniture. The basket holds six glasses that are very nicely decorated in blue and red with a very typical pattern of the Atomic Era. All glasses are in excellent condition, as you can see on the pictures below which show you all the glasses one by one. "Made in France" written under the glasses.

Here are the six glasses.

All glasses have the same dimensions.


Weight (without bubble wrap and cardboard box) : 620 g = 1.36 lb


Reference of the item : AM(NT)-K-016



This item is now for sale on Etsy.

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