Step by step jumpers and jackets. Downloadable pdf file.

Have you even dreamt of being able to knit your own jumpers and jackets? Would you like to surprise your family with an original present ?

Then this seventies magazine of knitting designs is made for you !

Don't be afraid if you are a complete beginner : everything is explained step by step, so even if you need a little training in the beginning, you will be able to create your own jumpers and jackets quickly. Of course there are some abbreviations, but the abbreviations used in each article are explained, and if you want more information about knitting abbreviations, you can refer to this article, for example.

The magazine contains 15 pages presenting a total of 10 articles. The creations are illustrated with small black and white pictures, or full page colour pictures. 


Reference of the item : CS-(NT)-BM-081

This magazine is now for sale on Etsy in the form of a downloadable pdf file. Bear in mind that you are not buying the magazine itself, but an electronic document.

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