Backwords, eht suoiralih emag fo drawkcab drow niotingocer !!


Backwords, "A race to guess the words when spoken backwards",  is a great game for all teenagers and adults, who wish to have a good time together. The perfect game to keep busy on long rainy or sunny sundays. :-)

You can play individually (3 to 8 players) or play in a team. The game, which was invented by me (oops ! sorry ;-) ) in 1988, comes complete with all its cards, instructions etc...

You can enlarge this picture if you wish to read the instructions. Just click on it.

Weight of the game : 1545 g = 3.4061  lb

Dimensions of the box :

Reference of the item : CS(47)-TG-018

Very good item                Looks a bit old box

This game is now for sale on Etsy.

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