1970s Aladdin vacuum flask


This nice 1970s vacuum flask was made by the British branch of Aladdin Industries in Greenford.

At the end of the 19th century, the now famous Aladdin industries INC started in the USA with the fabrication of lamps, and later on diversified.

Branches were opened in several countries*, including the Aladdin Industries Ltd in United Kingdom in 1919 (London original office), in order to sell the Aladdin thermalware jars and vacuum ware. The Greenford branch was opened in 1930 and lasted until 1982 !

Here is an example of what the Greenford branch of the Aladdin company produced in the 1970s :


Please do not confuse this British model of flask with the American "Vanguard" model. They both come from Aladdin, but not from the same country.

Nearly all "Aladdin" flasks you will find are the American ones, and finding a British model (expecially this one !) is very rare !

Vintage Aladdin vacuum flasks are made of plastic, metal and glass. They are very efficient as they can hold your hot liquid up to 8-10 hours, depending on the model.

The photograph below has been taken with a flash.

Some of the photographs below have been taken with a flash.

Weight :

410 g = 0.90 lb when empty

780 g = 1.71 lb when full.

Can contain 470 ml of liquid (the bottom of the flask indicates 16 fl oz, which is 473.176 ml to be exact)

Reference of the item : AM(NT)-K-035

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 *At various times, Aladdin established offices in Canada; Hungry; France; Australia, New Zealand; England; Iraq, Iran, Brazil, Japan, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, France, Germany, Iceland, Sweden, and South Africa to market and sell its products. Source of this info : History of Aladdin industries INC.