Salt and pepper... Oops, sorry ! Pepper and salt set !


Everybody knows that in salt and pepper sets, you've got the salt which has one hole, and the pepper which has several holes, but did you know that in France, it is the reverse ? The one with many holes is the salt, and the one with just one hole is the pepper ! Amazing, isn't it ?

Easy for tourists to get confused if the words "salt" and "pepper" are not written on the objects.

So here is for you a (very nice) genuine (Carlton ware) (seventies) British salt and pepper set ! ;-)

I am not saying you should take it with you in case of a trip to France, but in case you visit this beautiful country one day and eat in a restaurant, please don't forget what you've just read in the lines above. ;-)

 As you can see on the picture just below, the salt pot is better quality than the Pepper pot. The letters that compose the word are more visible on the salt pot, and the design is thinner.


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Weight of the two pots : 315 g = 0.69446 lb

dimension bottom 2

dimension length

Good item

Reference of the item : CS(3)-K-001

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