Stereoscopically yours !


Do you believe in magic ? I do. And I have found the proof that it exists ! Just put a card in this vintage stereoscope, and watch the incredible result...

In 1954 was created in France this model of stereoscope, the Lestrade Simplex.

Many Simplex were then made during the late 50s and 60s, and later on.

It is easy to know if the model you possess is a 1954 one as the dimensions of the cards were, during that year only, of 17.3 cm x 10 cm, which is the case for the cards presented on this article. It does not mean that the stereoscope itself was made in 1954 of course, but it is a good indication that it probably was. After 1954, the dimensions of the cards changed and they measured 10 cm  x  19 cm.

Also, one of the cards is stored in a paper enveloppe that reproduces, as an advertisement, the jacket of the first Lestrade catalog, released in 1954. See below for photo.

Would you like to know more about stereoscopy before you take a look at my pictures ? Then read this article on Wikipedia.

And if you develop a passion for stereoscopy, why not join the International Stereoscopic Union then ?

The stereoscope is sold with five cards :

- Le Tapis Volant 2  (The Flying Carpet)

- Walt Disney 3

- Walt Disney 7

- Les Aventures de Zorro 2 (The adventures of Zorro)

- Châteaux de la Loire  : Chambord

Has lived a long life box                      Good item

Condition of the cards :



Dimensions of the box :

18.5 cm  x  10 cm   /  7.2834646 in  x  3.93700790 in

Dimensions of the stereoscope itself :

Weight with the box : 205 g   /   0.45194767 lb

Reference of the item : AM(NT)-PH-004

This item is now for sale on Etsy.

Holmes Stereoscope. Source of the photo : Wikipedia. Public Domain.

A stereoscopic camera of the 1930s. Source of the photo : Wikipedia. Public Domain.

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