Loyalty cards

Retrofanattic now offers a loyalty card 
to its customers. 

With the Loyalty card, you get 30% off your 6th order. 

Then you get 50% off your 7th order. 
Once your card is used, we will automatically give you a new one.

It is totally free, with no expiry date and no commitment, but you must opt-in the programme. Customers do not automatically get a loyalty card when they make their first purchase. 

Please contact us if you wish to have a loyalty card.

This program applies to all customers 
(Retrofanattic.com and eBay)

Your purchases on Ebay and on Retrofanattic.com will be added to the same card. 

How does it work?

When you make your first purchase, you will receive a note in your parcel asking you if you wish to join the loyalty card program. 

When you join the loyalty card program, we will send you a link to a blog page showing your loyalty card with its number.

Every time you make a purchase on either websites, your loyalty card will be updated. 

Your personal information will never be shown on the page, only your loyalty card number, and nobody else can see or access your link.

Once you have made five purchases, we will send you by email a 30% off coupon code for your 6th purchase.

After your 6th purchase, you will receive by email a 50% off coupon code for your 7th purchase.

Ebay customers will get a refund on their Paypal account corresponding to the amount of the promotion.

Promotions and coupon codes apply to the price of the item itself and not to the postage.

Once your card is full, we will automatically give you another one, and your blog page will be updated.