Borosilicate by Arcopal

No, no, don't panic ! Don't run away ! Borosilicate is not coming from another planet ! Borosilicate is just the name given to the type of glass used in Arcopal products !

Arcopal is a French brand created in 1958 by Arc International. The company started in 1825. It was then called the "Verrerie Cristallerie d'Arques". 

Arcopal does not exist anymore, and Arcopal products are now interesting to collect, also because of their excellent quality that made their reputation even abroad.

Just for the fun, here are three French vintage TV ads for Arcopal.

What the first two videos are saying (and singing!)  is that Arcopal products resist the high heat in the oven, so no risk to break them, and that they look pretty on your table.

Here is an example of an Arcopal product made of borosilicate: