Vintage end of 1950s/1960s French Lumière Diaposcope.

The Lumière Diaposcope, a binocular slide viewer which gives the impression of 3D, was created in 1959, and made in France throughout the 1960s. It is in its original box.

The impression of 3D (but it is not real 3D) comes from the fact that you view one picture with both eyes.

This item was made before 1968 as the mention "Breveté S.G.D.G" appears on the box. This means "Sans Garantie Du Gouvernement" (without garantee from the government), and is a mention that disappeared in France in 1968.

The slide wiewer is made of plastic and is in good condition. There is a little bit of dust, or maybe a few very light scratches, on the glass inside. Although these scratches (or dust) are very small, you can see them when you view the slide. The viewer does not enlarge the slides.

There is a user's guide inside, which is written in French. It explains that this instrument is used for individual viewing of slides (24 x 36, 5 x 5 and Bantam) in 5 x 5 frames. The slide to view must be placed vertically in the slot, which also allows the adjustment of the focus. The slide is removed by pushing it from the little window on the bottom of the machine (please see video below). This window allows you to clean the glass inside. You should never open the viewer, not even to clean it


How to insert the slide, adjust focus and remove the slide :


Dimensions of the box = 13 cm  x  13 cm  x  7 cm (height)  /  5.11"  x  5.11"  x  2.75"


Weight (diaposcope + original box, without protection and packaging) : 300 g = 0.66 lb




Here are two adverts for this slide viewer and a user's guide.


Just below is a detail from the advert above.


User's guide :


This viewer could be pluigged on a slide enlarger :