No more time to be bored !

Sorry, this book is sold. 

"What can I do today ? I am bored !" is a sentence that parents sometimes hear from their children. This is something they will never hear again thanks to this remarkable crafts and activities book for children. Plenty of exciting things to make and do for boys and girls ! They will have no more time to be bored ! 

This book, which was written by Eve Harlow, was published in 1976 by Mills and Boon Limited. The table of contents in impressing ! Make a periscope, a compass, a monster... and even music ! The book will also introduce children to the arts of matchstick modelling, making decorated flowerpots, preserved flowers, patchwork, glove puppets, playing cat and mouse game... and so much more ! Please take a look at the picture below which shows this table of contents.

There is an important notice on the inside of the front cover warning children and their parents about safety measures to take, and concerning adhesives, solvants, candle flames and matches...


The book is divided into six parts, with ten sections in each part.


The very pretty illustrations, which are by Terry Burton, are typical of the second half of the 1970s.


The book is in overall good vintage condition. It looks a bit old though. Some pages (between page 8 and page 17) seem to have been re-glued as they do not open as widely as the others. The problem is minor, but these pages should be manipulated with care otherwise they might fall from the book in the future. Page 15 is damaged (please see picture) and the book smells humidity a little bit (but you really have to put your nose on it to smell it, and the smell remains very light). The spine is in good condition. The front cover is a bit scratched on the top right corner, and the bottom right corners (front and back covers) show signs of age (please see photo). 


Dimensions : 27.8 cm  x  21.5 cm  /  10.94"  x  8.46"

Weight of the book (without protection and packaging) : 690 g = 1.52 lb



Reference of the item : CS(59)-BM-060


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