Precautions to take when using glass cookware.

Many people are looking for vintage glass cookware. Some of them do not know about the risks of using glass cookware like Corning Vision, so I thought an article on this blog could be useful.

Before talking about the pros of cooking in glass dishes, I would like to make it very clear that there are some cons that you MUST consider. Pyrex can resist very high temperatures, it is true, BUT it is nevertheless fragile and precautions must be taken when using glass cookware :

- For gas stoves ONLY. DO NOT put the Corning Vision saucepans on an electric stove.
- Contrary to what many people will say, maybe because this is what they do themselves, Corning Vision products MUST NOT be taken from the freezer or fridge directly into the oven or on the stove, or from the stove or oven directly into the fridge or freezer. This provoques a thermal shock on the glass that can then break... or even shatter !
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a glass dish which has a crack or a chip. If an accident happens and your dish is chipped, cracked or whatever, don't hesitate, throw it in the dustbin. Frustrating, indeed, but safer !
- DO NOT place your hot dish on a cold or wet (or both) towel to cool it quicker. This also provokes a thermal shock.
NEVER pour boiling liquids in them.
NEVER immerse your hot dish into cold water.
If you really want to scare yourself, you can read this article. Apparently accidents DID happen in the past with these dishes, although they were very rare.
If you follow very carefully the safety instructions, there is no reason why you should have a problem.

Now the pros. These dishes are very ecologic and it is very healthy to cook in them as you do not risk to have metal being transferred from the dish to the food. So the food has a GOOD taste.  :-)
The food won't stick to the dish. 

They are very easy to wash, but nevertheless do not use steel wool as it may damage them. 
As they are made of transparent glass, you can see how cooked the food is, which is very convenient.
And finally, I think they look gorgeous ! I love the style, and I love amber glass too ! 

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