Very typical 1970s scarf.

Here is a typical 1970s design scarf that will look very pretty with any black, brown, orange, or even red clothes. It is orange and dark brown. It was made in Italy. 100% Polyester.

There are a few small stains on this scarf, near one of the corners. I did not try to remove them with any product. 

I also chose not to iron the scarf and present it as I found it.


Outside of the scarf (the side you see when you wear it)

Inside of the scarf, where the label is sewn on.

There are a few stains which are visible inside and also outside.

Dimensions : 67 cm  x   67 cm   =  26.37"  x  26.37"

Weight : 20 g  =  0.044 lb

Reference of the item : AM(NT)-AC-006

This item is now for sale on Etsy.

Did you know that Polyester was invented by two British scientists ? If you wish to know more about it, please visit this website.