Fantastic French Yalacta yoghurt maker


This aluminium Yalacta yoghurt maker was made in France in the 1950s.

This yoghurt maker comes with eight Pyrex glasses made specially for Yalacta. Four of these glasses are the original ones, and two of them (you can see that the signature on the bottom of the glass is different) come from an older Yalacta yoghurt maker, which was in bakelite and made in the 30s/40s.
The aluminium is a bit battered as you can see on the last two photographs.The price of this item takes into account its condition.
To know how to make your own yoghurts with this yoghurt maker, please refer to the guide at the end of this article.

Dimensions : 
Diametre : 26 cm = 10.23 in 
Height : 18 cm = 7.08 in

Weight of this item (without protection and box) : 2150 g = 4.73 lb

Reference of the item : EA(NT)-K-059

Condition of the item : looks a bit old.

How to make your own yoghurts with this Yalacta yoghurt maker ?
It is very simple.
Heat your milk, then pour it into the Pyrex glasses and wait until the temperature goes down to 55°C  (131°F).
Add in each glass a little bit of yoghurt delayed in a little bit of warm milk, then mix and put the lid back on the yoghurt maker.
Wait approximately ten hours.
Enjoy !