Want to transform your house into a beautiful flower garden ?

No problem at all, with this guide to houseplants.

More photos coming soon.

This great guide will teach you how to choose the right plant, to grow it in the best conditions, it tells about all the characteristics of the different plants, there is even a short chapter about bonzais and you will find at the end a "at a glance guide to plant types and conditions", a glossary and an index.

It was first published in 1977, and this one is the sixth edition of 1979.

The St Michael Guide to Houseplants, by Ann Bonar. Marks and Spencer Editions. Hardback.

Dimensions of the book : 23 cm X 28,5 cm  /  9.05511 "  X  11.2204 "


Weight : 890 g = 1.96211 lb


Reference of the item : CS(9)-BM-003

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