How much do I weigh on the Moon ?


Would you like a beautiful body scale in your bathroom ? Why not buy this very nice 1960s Glider bathroom scale, then ? 

It is sold with its original box. As you can imagine, and see on the photograph, such an old carboard box can't be in perfect condition. The scale itself is in good condition, except for the top right and top left corners of the plastic mat which are a bit unglued. The plastic mat under the handle is also a little bit unglued as you can see on the photograph just above. The white handle in the middle will make it easy to transport the scale from one room to another. 

The scale has a maximum capacity of 19 stones, or 125 kg. 

Dimensions :

30.5 cm = 12.00"   /  25.5 cm = 10.03" 
 /   26.5 cm = 10.43" 5.5 cm = 2.16"

Weight : 1790 g  (1,790 kg)  = 3.94627 lb 
(OR  3 lb and 15.14 oz.)

To convert these weights on the Moon (and other planets of the Solar System), please refer to THIS WEBSITE.


Reference of this item : CS(NT) - B - 001

Sorry, this scale is now sold.

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