Anything else you need for the Orient Express ?

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To take the Orient Express, you need : a few days off, a return ticket, a good camera... and a vintage suitcase.

Oops ! Sorry, I forgot that the original Orient Express is not running anymore ! Wikipedia teaches us that it ran from 1883 to 2009.

Poster advertising the Winter 1888–89 timetable for the Orient Express.

Anyway, you can still travel with the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, so you need a vintage suitcase ;-)

This one may suit you. I can't tell when it was made exactly, but it is made of solid brown cardboard.

Of course it is not in perfect condition, as I am sure it was used for a long time.


SIDE B has more scratches on it.

The inside paper is a bit torn, The two photographs below show the suitcase in the sun, so the paper looks lighter than the real colour which is more yellow.

This is what it looks like in reality. I had to use a photo software to modify the colour and add some yellow, as my camera was suddenly on strike and refused to reproduce the real colour of the suitcase. Sorry about that.

The key is still in the suitcase, which is good because old suitcases keys are often lost. Don't forget to take a look at the right hand corner too, which is damaged.

The hole you can see on the left measures less than a centimetre, and the tear on the right almost two centimetres.

The suitcase is a little bit difficult to open and close.

Don't know where these black marks come from. They are situated on the bottom of the suitcase.

Dimensions of the suitcase :

Length : 41 cm = 16.1417 "

Width : 25.5 cm = 10.0393 "

Height : 12.5 cm = 4.92125 "

Weight : 730 g = 1.60937 lb
OR 1 lb and 9.74 oz

Reference of the item : AU12-156-L-002

Well used item

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